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Finished! How I ripped my Blu-ray collection to my computer

After 30 days and roughly 350 hours of computer time, my Blu-ray movie collection is now fully digital. No more physical media for this guy.* I can stop worrying about grubby little hands messing up my discs or misplacing them as they stare intently at the liner notes to the Star Wars box set.

This was something that I had wanted to do for a while but just never got into the right headspace to do it. Hello quarantine! Don’t let me get too carried away, I only had 150 or so Blu-ray movies, so it wasn’t an insurmountable task. But still, I did it.

I have been a fan of the home streaming service Plex for a while, and have slowly been adding to my collection. This past month saw that number shoot up dramatically. I have even decided to keep a select few of the Blu-rays in their uncompressed MKV format so that when the day comes that I finally build my home theatre with 4K projector and 100″ screen, I can watch them in all their glory (looking at you Mad Max: Fury Road).

*not counting the 879 DVD’s that still sit on my shelf, but we will get to that in another post on another day.

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