Taking the plunge into a completely digital world

After many, many years of buying dvds and Blu-rays I have decided to undertake the monumental task of digitizing my entire collection. As it stands now that is about 150 Blu ray discs and almost 1000 dvds. How long will this take? A while. Can I actually finish it? 50/50. What will I do with my discs when I am done? Deep storage? leave them as decorations? only time will tell. As of now I am at the “G” section of my Blu rays. I still have the energy of a young man, sticking to my rip 4, encode 4 routine. It keeps it manageable. I am hoping that when I get to the DVD portion of this process that it will speed up immensely. Ripping 35 gig Blu ray discs is not a lot of fun. I am going to say that I will keep this site updated with my progress, but as you can tell, I am lazy and constantly forget to do that. Cheers!

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