Detroiters: Best show on TV or Greatest show on TV?

How do you describe a show as funny and smart and stupid as the Detroiters? You can’t really. I will just leave this here and you can judge for yourself.

This is just a small sampling of the type of funny that happens every week on Detroiters. The story of two best friends who run a small advertising agency in the city of Detroit has become one of the funniest and most consistent comedies on TV. Sam Richardson (VEEP) and Tim Robinson (ex-SNL) have chemistry that can only be achieved after years of actually being best friends. They are sweet and caring and mean and jealous of each other, sometimes in the same scene.

What makes this show even more enjoyable is that it is an open love letter to their shared hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Much like “Portlandia” on IFC, Detroiters makes fun of the local scenes and customs while also showing the positive of the city and the people who live and work there. Having only spent one day in the city myself, and that was almost 20 years ago, I won’t begin to say whether they get it right or wrong, rather they get it to the point that I would like to go visit and pop by Cramblin-Duvet for a quick hello.

Lets not forget the incredibly awesome and awful commercials the boys make week in and week out. The mirror ad above is my favourite, but they have many many more that are too good to believe that they are based on real ads Richardson and Robinson saw on local TV growing up.

I like comedies. That might be my most favourite genre of TV. And “Detroiters” has quickly made its way into my top 10 favourite comedy shows currently on TV. They are definitely no Chump of the Week.

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